Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, I haven't blogged for awhile. I've had lots of thoughts, I've just had a hard time putting them into words. I'm glad March is over. Kevin and I had to make some very tough decisions (spiritual, educational, financial) last month and I'm ready for April. I'm ready for spring. For Easter. Kevin is working on some great family devos for holy week and I'm excited for our family to experience the resurrection together.
I'm almost embarrassed to post these, but if this is an authentic blog and, if my thoughts are real, then I should get on with it.
  • I found out more people read this blog than just my mom and my sister. I received a phone call last week questioning one of my posts about church visits. It's always fun for a non-confrontational person (that's me) to be stuck on the phone with a pastor asking lots of questions. Seriously, it wasn't that bad, but I must confess-my heart was racing the entire time.
  • I'm hooked on Twilight. We watched the movie last week. I read the book over the weekend and, here's the confession, we didn't do school on Tuesday, so I could read New Moon. The girls thought I was letting them play as long as they didn't fight with each other. They didn't fight the entire day. I finished the book at 10pm that night.
  • Then, yesterday, I found the Twilight website. Another hour wasted...
  • confession-I HATE church shopping. I think we found one, though.
  • We visited Riverpoint church last Sunday, you can read Kevin's thoughts here. I wished RPC was in west Wichita. Confession-I never really thought of my college friend, Brad, as a pastor. Now, I can't imagine him any other way. He is anointed.
  • Brad revealed a truth in my life during his sermon that I didn't want to know. I always thought that I had the spiritual gift of hospitality. I don't. I may have the gift of entertainment (if that's possible) but not hospitality. More on that later...
  • last confession-I spend way too much time on the computer. I consider it my source to the outside world. my house is not clean, and I desperately want it to be. So I need to get offline and get to work

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Karen Burrows said...

I love the Twilight books, too. I once let Ella watch TV for hours while I finished a Harry Potter book.