Monday, April 6, 2009

Time to pray

Most of you know that my dad is a pastor. Last Tuesday, my mom told me that Dad was having such exteme back pain, he couldn't get out of bed. I thought to myself, "oh great, here we go." This ALWAYS happens when something big is about to take place at church. Not the back pain, but something that brings tension or stress into our family's life. Here we are, a week before Easter, and my dad's church had some survey group to assess his church.

Holly, over at the Preacher's Wife, had a great post last week. You can read it here. She wrote about the way Satan has a history of attacking during key seasons in the church. Easter, Christmas, start of school, campaign, you name it. Satan would love nothing more than to ruin this week among Christians.

I'm stepping up my prayers this week. It's going to be a long, demanding week for those who work in the church. I'm praying for my parents, for other church leaders and for those who don't know Christ and are thinking about going to church this Sunday.

Who or what are you praying for this holy week?

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