Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home Stretch

Avery is just a few weeks away from being done with Kindergarten. It's bittersweet. This has been one of the best years of my life. I LOVED teaching her. She is a great student. Now that the weather is so nice, we're doing more outside activities and less classroom activities. I'm ready to be done having a daily school routine. But I'll miss the unique learning opportunities we experienced as a family this year. Recent highlights include-
  • Math-counting by 5's and 10's. Adding and Subtracting. She's really good at math, unlike her mother. It's easy for her.
  • Phonics-sentence structure, plural. She reads quite well, now. She loves to write her own stories and she insists on reading our daily bible story out loud. She doesn't always like to read, but she does it well. One thing I remember as a kid, I remember getting annoyed when we had to read out loud in class, and kids would read on and on with no change in their voice between sentences or after a question. Avery lifts her voice at the end of a question and stops between sentences. yea! As I write this, she is reading a Berenstein Bears book to herself, out loud.
  • Language Arts-This hasn't been our favorite-depending on the story of the week. Some stories and activities just haven't clicked with us. I don't think we'll miss this much
  • History-we're studying American history now. She loved learning about the Native Americans and all things related to Night at the Museum.
  • Science-We learned reduce, reuse, recycle this week, obviously. Next, we're on to learning how farms work-followed by a trip to the farmer's market.
  • Art-we finished art for the year-needless to say, it was her favorite subject, so we did it alot.
  • Music-because we finished art, we were able to get the music curriculum. I thought it would be great, but, honestly, I'm not impressed. We haven't done much here. I hope to do more over the summer with our own stuff.
Her first day of school included a trip to the ice cream store. I'm sure her last day will, too!

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marla said...

Let me know when that last day of school is...