Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Overbooked and VHS memories

I doubled booked events for tonight. I told some students that I'd go to the coffehouse performance at Friends tonight. I also RSVP'd and paid money to go to a cooking party. I really want to do both. Why do they have to be on the same night? I only had 3 events on my calendar for all of April. Ugh...
...I chose the cooking party-I made a financial commitment, so I'm going, and I'm going to have a lot of fun. And, I'll get to spend some time with my favorite sister and a dear friend. And I'm going to make and bring home 8 freezer meals! I'll miss some great entertainment (and great coffee!) I'm sure. Sorry, Stacy, Seth and Justin. Break a Leg! and tell me how it goes!

We just recently got an old VHS player, so over the weekend, we watched some videos. Our wedding, SOS 1997, and The Lion King, so far. In '97, I sang "Think of Me" and got to wear a beautiful gown. Kevin was in the "Cats" ensemble. Man, we thought we were so good back then. Now, we just laugh at ourselves. I was trying to find SOS 1996, b/c I thought that was the year we did the Lion King stuff, and I think I sang Over the Rainbow that year. But I couldn't find the video. Anyone have it? I know, it's vintage, so it must be worth some money:)

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marla said...

Avery and I enjoyed watching your wedding on vhs over the weekend and we laughed a lot! I'd like to see those SOS videos!