Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Recap

I've had so many thoughts in my head over the last week. To try to put them in coherent sentences seems impossible. But, here we go-
  • My mom made a trip to the ER last Monday, only to be sent home a few hours later, still in pain. Don't go to the Newton ER at night if you think you might need a sonogram. They don't do those in the evening hours. A sono would have told the dr. that she needed her gall bladder out-immediately!!!! However, she had to wait to see her dr. on Thursday, who ordered the sono-STAT-which revealed what we (thought we) knew on Monday. I won't even mention the bloodwork and lab saga that happened. Long story-she had surgery to have her gall bladder out Thursday afternoon. I was very thankful that Kevin's folks could watch the girls so I could go be with her. Thursday night, my dad, my sister and I were all in the hospital room with my mom. It was weird. Just the 4 of us. The original family. No husbands and kids, kinda weird...we haven't been together, the 4 of us, in a long, long time.
  • I had to teach on Friday, followed by a meeting to discuss next semester. In the meeting, we realized we need to hire another adjunct. Should be interesting...I'm still teaching on Fridays-private voice (6 students), voice class, and vocal literature. Too much for one day, but doable. Kevin stayed home with the girls on Friday and had a good time, I think-
  • Our last date night was on my birthday-February 13. Just sayin'...
  • I didn't do a regular shopping trip to Dillons last week-we tried to eat from the pantry. With the exception of a trip to get milk and baby food, we did ok. I blew our budget yesterday, though.
  • this morning in history, Avery learned the song Follow the Drinking Gourd. We read the book and learned about the Big Dipper and Harriet Tubman. How do you explain slavery and the underground railroad to a 6 and 4 year old? This was a tough lesson-
  • Well, parts of our house are clean. Other parts, not so much. I LOVE having a clean house. Why can't we keep it clean???? Oh, yeah-we have 3 kids and a dog :)

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Topher said...

I meant to Facebook you and Aunt G last week with my well-wishes. Also meant to tell the story about when my mom had her gallbladder removed (at the hospital in Heston). I didn't understand/realize the difference, and when my teacher asked if my mom was ok and what kind of surgery she'd had, I replied "She had to have her bladder taken out."