Monday, February 8, 2010

Homemade Pizza

I stole this pizza recipe from my cousin years ago. She's practically famous for making it. I, however, never seem to get it to taste like hers. Until last week. I made it and it was pretty good. I made it again tonight and, since it was good 2 times in a row, I thought it was worth documenting. I made a pepperoni pizza for the girls and a pesto/veggie pizza for Kevin and me.

Pizza crust

take 1 cup hot water and add 1 package of yeast, then add 1 tsp sugar. Let set for a few minutes. Dump in mixer with 1 cup flour and beat 3-4 min. on high (I used the dough hook). Next, throw in 2 Tbsp Italian seasoning, 1tsp salt, 2 tbsp EVOO, and 2 cups flour. Mix till it looks like dough. Let set for about 20 minutes. Makes 2 pizzas.

I shape this into pizza crusts, bake for a few minutes at 450 or so, then top them, then bake some more, like 7-9 minutes. Just watch it closely, so it doesn't burn. This makes a thin, crispy crust.

For the pepperoni pizza, I used Kroger cheese and Classico sweet basil marinara for the sauce. The girls put pepperonis in the shape of a heart on it.
For the pesto/veggie pizza, I used Kraft cheese, which was way better. I also used store bought pesto (in the fridge section), chopped onion, red and green peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and mild pepper rings. If you like mushrooms, you should add them as well. I don't, so I didn't.

Great pizza, I must say. Thanks, Julie! Now, I need 2 more ovens so I can cook as many as you do when friends and family come over :-)



Marla said...

Where are the pictures of your pizza? I'm sure they were very tasty! I like my Chef Boyardee homeade pizza, but I just might try this recipe since I've tasted it and know it's awesome! And Julie always uses the Kraft cheese, never generic!

Gerri said...

I kind of agree with Marla about Chef Boyardee. I also remember Julie saying only Kraft or maybe Sergento also. Never generic. I noticed you used the Kroger on the kids' pizza. Smart move. I will however try Julie's again and see if I have any luck. Since it makes 2 pizzas I need someone to come help eat it.