Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Some things on my mind right now...
  • If you visit our apartment, you will most likely be greeted with one (or more) of 3 scents-ant killer, clorox, or the gas smell that constantly seeps from our stove.
  • I'm so tired of being sick. I was hoping to escape the gunk that has gone through our family. No such luck. Moms don't get sick days. Thankfully, Kevin takes over as soon as he comes home from work. I feel like a zombie. A zombie who can't breathe. The girls are feeling much better, so that's a good thing. Hoping Kevin won't get sick.
  • Avery and Kenna learned about how and where the Olympics started today in school. They even made up their own ice skating routine-Kenna was the skater and Avery was her coach. They did a great job!
  • Avery got her first Junie B. Jones book today. Toothless Wonder is the title, go figure. If you're my fb friend, you know Avery lost a tooth on Monday. The tooth fairy didn't come that night and she was devastated. Her tooth still had some blood on it, so she decided to clean it in the bathroom sink. You know where this is going. Kevin told her not to, that she'd drop it down the drain. Less than a minute later, Avery is crying and screaming. Kevin tried to get it out, instead, he broke the pipe. Now, there is a bucket under the sink and we're waiting for maintenance to come fix it. If fixing our heater in a timely manner is any indication of when they'll be here, they'll come in about 3 days. Our heater pilot light went out over the weekend and they showed up today to light it. It's been a chilly few days. Now we have a nice warm hallway, where the heater is. Nice.
  • Oh, the tooth fairy did come last night, thank goodness. Avery got $4 and was so happy this morning.
  • I would love to know what our neighbors above us do during the night. It never fails, they are so loud, between 12:30 and 5am, to be exact. I could swear they were re-arranging furniture on Monday night. I can hear everything that goes on up there, the toilet flushing, the tv, the drum set, the vacuum. All of it.
  • I got some money for my birthday from my parents, and I spent it today. I used to have a bread machine, but I never used it so I gave it away several years ago. Now that I'm home, and I actually have the time to use it, I really want one. I found a refurbished cuisinart bread machine on Overstock last week and ordered it today. It had really good reviews so I'm anxious to try it out. I almost caved and bought a toaster, too, but I didn't. I've had our current toaster since 1994. It works, but not well. You can put bread in and never know what the outcome will be. We also really need a 4 slot toaster now. Maybe for Mother's Day...hint, hint...
  • Not having an ice maker and having (or having to remember) to make your own ice is really only fun for the first day or so.
  • Kevin got his diploma in the mail this week. So, it's finally official. I'm so glad that chapter of our lives is over. I still catch myself thinking, "I wonder if Kevin will want to write tonight."
  • Presley can count to 13. Seriously. She doesn't do it on purpose, she just randomly starts counting. Or, if you start counting, she'll finish it or continue it with you. She's brilliant! She still loves Mickey Mouse, but is starting to like Dora more and more. She's growing and changing so fast. Some days, I can't imagine having a baby in the house with 3 other kids running around. It's gonna happen before I'm ready, that's for sure.
  • This little boy is so lucky to have 3 big sisters who already love him so much. Every time we go to Target, McKenna picks something out that she "knows" her little brother will just love. Today, it was a set of stackable toys.
  • I signed up to get Target texts and was able to use my first coupon there today. Target sends me a text every Sunday with a list of electronic coupons. If I buy a certain product, I just let the cashier scan the text on my phone and the coupon shows up on my receipt. I saved $1 on Kraft cheese today.
  • Easter candy is now at Target. Not a good thing. We bought enough to stock Kevin's office and a little for our home. To make matters worse, the section is right next to the baby section, so we'll see it EVERY time we go there.
  • Only 2 more days 'til Friday...always a good thing!


Kevin said...

Two things: First, even I know a toaster is a terrible Mother's Day present; and Second, I wouldn't say my office is "stocked" with candy. In fact, after this afternoon we may need to make another run! :)

Gerri said...

I noticed at Country Mart the other day they have a sign on the front door that they are only taking CM web generated coupons now. No others.
About that toaster--Marla and I have looked at them for you and thought you should pick one out. Maybe if you ever get a house it can be a house warming gift.

SAL said...

Random Responses:
1)I've had my toaster since 1996 but I don't consider that "gift material" so I'll never have a new one until someone's crying for toast and it's dead.
2)Presley- 13? Wow! She is brilliant! See... homeschooling begins early!
3)Making Ice was never fun for me, even on day one, and I dream of having an ice maker but material? No.
4)I talked to someone who knew Rachel today. It was fun hearing someone new describe her. This may have been her biggest fan! :)
5)Baby Boy Belly pics soon, please?!
Miss you.