Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ups and Downs

I've had so many ups and downs since we moved here, it's hard for me to decide if my hormones have an effect on my attitude or if this place just stinks (insert harsher word here).
  • I discovered the hard (and expensive) way that Ralphs, the poor excuse for Dillons here, doesn't accept expired coupons. Dillons does, Target does. Ralphs doesn't. I can't stand Ralphs. I hate going there. I used to have my grocery shopping/couponing down to a science. Not so much anymore. I consider saving money in this area and making sure there is food to eat part of my SAHM job, and when I fall short, I don't like it.
  • Baby boy Blue got his first gift in the mail yesterday. It was a much needed sweet spot in my day. My friend, Sally sent a t-shirt and blanket, along with goodies for the rest of the family. I'm finally starting to enjoy and embrace this pregnancy. That's a very good thing.
  • It's hot here this week, that's a good thing. It's weird to wear flip flops in February. That's one part of California that we're loving. Our apartment has one window unit, in the front room, that's a bad thing. Every time I get Presley up from her nap, her hair is all wet with sweat. yuck. I hope we're out of this place before summer. It could be miserable.
  • I wish there was a rule that if you leave your laundry at the laundry mat way longer than after it's done, that it's perfectly ok for someone to dump the laundry out in order to use the washer/dryer. There were clothes in 2 dryers last Monday for 4 hours. Those people are lucky I wasn't in there when they finally came to get their clothes, that's all I'm sayin'...
  • I made my first trip with the girls today, sans Kevin. We went to a different Target and the mall. We drove thru McDonalds on the way home and they got 3 things on our order wrong. That's so frustrating. Customer service isn't near as important out here as it is in Wichita. While Kevin was dining on Chicken and waffles, I was scraping onions off of my hamburger and coaxing Avery to at least try the different sauce for her chicken and telling her she can have apples next time.
  • We got the older girls a winter olympics wii game for Valentines day. However, with so much going on that day, we forgot to give it to them. I had planned on getting Presley a Minnie mouse doll, but never got around to it, so I got her one today at the Disney store. The girls love going in there and looking around. Presley loves her Minnie and even took a nap with her this afternoon. It's so fun to watch her get attached to things. She loves her blanket, any kind of purse, my phone and the remote-which are off limits to her, and anything that belongs to her older sisters.
  • Presley must be teething again. She hasn't been sleeping well. Last night she woke up at 3 and wouldn't go back to sleep. We can't let her cry since our walls are so thin and we have neighbors. So I brought her to our bed, which I hate to do. I don't function well on little sleep.
  • We went to Claires at the mall to get some hair rubberbands, and found a huge sale on (play) make-up, so I bought Avery and McKenna some. They are having so much fun! They take make-up very seriously, it's cute to watch.

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The Troops said...

Oh sweetie - I love reading your blog. I feel so much less alone in this transition thing....we are finally into our rental house but unpacking - stinks (insert harsher word here) and I feel so out of sorts like I can't quite get the hang of things I am totally feeling your pain. Yesterday two different Targets would not take the coupons I had because I would have gotten the product free so they said I didn't have the "specified product" that was in the picture regardless of the fact that the coupon said good on "any product".....sigh.....miss you tons. Lissa