Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shopping for Blue!

We had the all important sonogram last week. The perinatologist knew right away, but he toyed with us for a bit until he got a good look for us to see. We're having a boy! I still can't believe it. It never really occurred to me that we might actually have a boy. After 3 girls, I just assumed it was another girl. When he said it's a boy, I started crying. McKenna said quietly, "don't we want it to be a boy? Why are you crying?" Happy tears, Kenna, happy tears. He is healthy, measuring almost a week ahead of schedule.
After a few days of letting this news sink in, I'm reminded of all of the pink around me. The only clothes this boy can wear that his sisters wore are KU t-shirts. That's it. Seriously. All of our swaddling blankets are pink and/or purple. The onesies are pink, the socks are pink, the burp rags have flowers on them. pink. That's who we are right now, and who we've been.
And it's all about to change...

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