Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday melancholy thoughts

  • We had a great weekend celebrating Avery and McKenna's birthdays. Go to Kevin's blog to see pix from this weekend. Kevin and I procrastinated on getting Avery anything. Her birthday is tomorrow and we ended up ordering something online that won't get here til Friday. Oh well. I'm taking McKenna to Target tonight so she can pick out a gift to give to her sister. Ugh...I feel like a bad mom.
  • All of the homeschool books I've read talk about the fact that your home will rarely be clean. With art projects, school books, and other junk around this place, I'm learning that that's true. I don't like that part of homeschooling.
  • In art today, I asked Avery to pretend that George Washington asked her to make the US flag, instead of Betsy Ross. She made the best flag I've ever seen-with stars, hearts, and a cross in the middle. When I asked her to explain the symbols to me, she talked about freedom, love, and the fact that Christ died on the cross for us. For a minute, I thought to myself, "I wonder if she would've been able to do that in a regular public school setting?" Then, I thought my desire for a clean house wasn't so important anymore.
  • My older girls are getting older. 4 and almost 6. They take showers now. They can sleep on the top bunk of their beds. Avery can pour her own juice. It makes me sad.
  • Today is my friend, Melanie's birthday. We haven't lived in the same town in almost 5 years and I miss her.
  • I had great plans to work-out today. Instead, I'm watching Hook on AMC with Avery. McKenna and Presley both fell asleep.
  • I wish Kevin would have taken the left over cupcakes to work. Now they're practically screaming, "EAT ME!"

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