Monday, August 11, 2008

1st day quick hits

The girls had a great breakfast before the start of the day.

And her official 1st day picture!School is in session! Abby (the family beagle) is so excited!
This is Avery working on her handwriting. Today we studied the letters m and t. So far, we've done Math, Phonics, Handwriting, and Language Arts. History and Art are after lunch. I'll blog and post more pix tonight, but I wanted to share a few thoughts from the day so far.
  • Both girls slept in-they woke up around 8. I was up at 4:30am-just like Christmas, every year...
  • Avery's 1st question of the day, "Are there snacks in school?"
  • McKenna was a baby ALL morning. In her defense, we think she sprained her wrist over the weekend. Kevin came home at 11 to take her to the dr.
  • Reese took a great morning nap-yeah! Hope a great afternoon nap is coming.
  • I was downstairs cleaning up after the morning lessons. Avery was upstairs talking to Reese (who just woke up and was in her pack-n-play). I could hear her over the baby intercom system saying, "Reese, your aunt Shell is a good teacher." I started crying...
  • I need an adult size desk and chair. My pregnant body can't do playskool furniture.

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Andrea Anglin said...

How sweet! I am glad your first day went so well. You are such an awesome woman to take on such an important task and to stay home with your kids. Sadly, many of us (myself included) don't have the courage to stay home and even less have courage to home school.