Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thinking about this...again

When I was pregnant with Avery, we got into a small group study that had to do with parenting. I was hooked immediately with this study. Kevin obliged and stuck with me. We attended the group each week, faithfully doing our homework and reading. When the group ended, we felt fairly confident in the parenting style and what to do when Avery came.

Avery was the perfect babywise baby. She was on a 3 hour schedule from birth and slept through the night right at 6 weeks. I loved having a schedule and knowing exactly when she would eat, sleep, and play. We kept track of everything, her feedings, her diapers, EVERYTHING.

2 years later, McKenna came and rocked our world. We skimmed through the study before she was born to refresh ourselves. We brought little McKenna home and started the schedule/routine. Well, McKenna had another plan. She cooperated for the most part during the day. But at night, all she wanted was to be held or lay on my chest. We didn't realize that this was "normal" since Avery was such a good sleeper. It took McKenna almost 10 weeks to make it through the night, and even then, she wasn't a consistent night sleeper.

Now, pink 3 is coming and I'm wondering what to do. Should we try to keep her on a schedule? This seems most logical to me, but, then again, I keep being reminded by someone that I'm very much a type A, so this would totally make sense. I like being in control and knowing when things are going to happen. I like to actually sleep during the night.

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Kevin said...

Schedules are GOOD, let's not change a thing! Everyone knows what to expect (baby and parents) and the babies are happy. Plus, I like to sleep at night too - without a kid in the bed.

charity b. said...

We are like you guys... like to sleep at night as soon as possible! We too had differences with a couple of the girls but we've always approached the sleep thing as a necessity (for kids and parents!). I've also tried to communicate... even with our 6 wk. old babies... that mom loves them, YET, mom is not their puppet. Yes, it meant some crying at first but it's amazing how quick they got it! We are probably a little more relaxed on the official schedule but we are firm on our routines and this doesn't budge based on crying fits and tantrums, etc. We have 4 good sleepers so far. We'll see about the next one. Could re-write our story. :o)