Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday thoughts

  • I don't want summer to end. This has been the best summer for our family. We traveled with both sets of parents on vacation, spent many hours at the pool and lake, and enjoyed being with friends and family. We have so much coming up in the next month, I just wish I could freeze time and enjoy the simplicity that we have right now.
  • My friend, Lissa, went to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon to have her 1st baby. I spoke with her on Thursday around noon, and there was no change-not dilated, cervix not thinned, no etc... I haven't heard from her since, but praying she is holding her son or daughter right now. I can't get her out of my mind, I'm so excited for her and Troy!
  • My folks are here to watch the girls today while I work. In addition to watching our kids, they are going to get new cell phones, I'm hoping I'll get to see an i-phone in real life tonight!
  • I plan to work on the nursery this weekend-washing baby clothes and putting them in drawers, MAYBE making one last trip to Babies R Us to get a crib, getting the nursery ready for pink 3! I need to start buying diapers...
  • We're going to the outside pool at the Y sometime this weekend, it's the last weekend it's open. The weather should be perfect, and the girls are so excited!
  • I'm glad my Friday work schedule is much better than last semester. My pay check won't be near as good, but oh well. Last semester, I taught 14 students and crammed them all into just one day (suicide, if you ask me) This fall, I'm teaching 2 classes and have just a handfull of private students, much easier and better for everyone. Plus, I'll have a 3 week break in the middle of the semester!

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