Friday, August 8, 2008

Best and Worst....

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." This quote comes to me as a think of pregnancy. This is my 3rd pregnancy, maybe (with a tear in my eye) my last. Each one has been so different, and yet I've experienced many of the same symptoms with each one. They are all miracles and I can't believe God has blessed us with these precious children.

Avery Elizabeth
The best-finally getting to experience being pregnant, after almost 3 years of trying. The anticipation that comes with the 1st baby. Getting to buy new clothes and things for "pink." Having a wonderful doctor.
The worst-I got sick EVERY day until my 13th week. Being 1000 miles away from any family. Not getting an epidural when I wanted it b/c my platelets were too low.

McKenna Grace
The best-getting pregnant without worrying about trying. It just happened. Being back "home" in Kansas with family. Finding a great doctor in a small town. Finding out she was "pink" too.
The worst-having high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia. Having to do stress tests, protein tests, being on bed-rest the last 4 weeks. Not having good insurance.

"Pink 3"
The best-getting to be a SAHM during this pregnancy. Not having to work, or worry about work during this time (yes, I do work part time-but just on Fridays during the college semester, so I haven't worried about it during the summer months). Finding another great doctor. No morning sickness. Talking with Avery and McKenna about the baby, what she'll look like, how she's growing in my tummy. Not having the medical issues I had with McKenna (yet). Having good insurance again.
The worst-sciatic nerve pain. It's almost unbearable some days. I had this, mildly, with the first 2, but this is by far the worst. Wondering how in the world am I going to work (just 1 day/week), homeschool, take care of the home, my husband, my 2 older kids, and a baby. I know tons of moms do it, but I haven't, yet. Realizing that this may be my last biological pregnancy. All of the unknowns that come with having a baby.

Alright, your turn, Moms, Mums (for you, Lakeland Jo) AND Dads-what are your best and worst times of pregnancy?


Anonymous said...

I've had 3 pregnancies and 1 living child. My first 2 pregnancies unfortunatly ended towards the end of my first trimester, however, there is nothing like hearing that heartbeat for the first time and I will never forget it. During my full term pregnancy with Reese, the best part was finally delivering her and not having to worry about any complications. The worst was being worried throughout the whole 9 months that she wouldn't make it and wondering if I would ever have a living child. Also, the worst during my 5th month, i became dehydrated and suffered from a horrible, constant migraine for 5 days. Not Fun!!--Marla Beagley Pregnancy and Birth are truly miracles!

Andrea A. said...

I had vicious acid reflux with my first pregnancy even though I watched what I ate and didn't drink caffeine or eat chocolate at all. I also swelled up like the Hindenburg and my toes looked like vienna sausages sticking out from tree trunks, which, very seriously, is no exaggeration.

When my mom first saw me (we lived in CO when I got pregnant) she started to cry because my giant swollen appearance scared her so much. My legs and back hurt terribly and my co-workers teased me that they would just start pushing me in my office chair until the baby was born. I wished they had!

Sweet baby Joseph Ozias Anglin was born at 9 lbs and 4 oz and was the biggest baby in the hospital. No problems. Perfect kiddo.

My second pregnancy was cake. I ate what I wanted and had no problems at all.

Beautiful baby girl, Elizabeth Kristin Louise Anglin. Her gorgeous head of blonde ringlets thrilled me.