Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Avery learned about self-portraits today in art. She studied Rembrandt, Picasso, and Judith Leyster's self-portraits and then created her own. Her BFF Emmarie came over to play this afternoon, so she and McKenna both joined Avery for this lesson.

Emmarie and Kenna were finished in about 5 minutes. Avery took about 30...

Here is Avery's self-portrait. McKenna's is above Ave's. I took McKenna's splint off for this activity. Over the last 2 days, we've realized how much she uses her right hand. She can't
  • write
  • color
  • draw on the chalkboard
  • use scissors
  • go to the bathroom
  • fix her hair
  • feed the dog
No, wait...she can feed the dog. She's just learning to milk this situation. It's gonna be a long 3 weeks!

Another thought on self-portraits. We spent time today looking at Picasso's self-portrait vs. a photo of Picasso. How they were similar, how they were different. Which got me to thinking. How do we view ourselves? Is it different than a camera would view us? And what about the heart? The inner-self portrait? Do we think of ourselves the way others think of us? Oh, this is too deep for this late in the afternoon...

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Anonymous said...

I can definitely relate to seeing myself differently in my head than how I actually do look IRL, especially after seeing a picture of myself. I usually have prettier, lighter colored hair and weigh 20 less pounds when I picture myself in my head. I try to remind myself that God looks @ the heart. That's a very hard concept to accept as a woman, especially living in America. And I live in Kansas! I can't imagine living on the west coast or NY! BTW, Avery did a great job on her self-portrait!--AUNT MARLA