Friday, August 22, 2008

Recall Woes #2

Note-this will be the last recall post-

I don NOT like Babies R Us right now. Sure, they have (almost) everything you need for baby. But their customer service leaves much to be desired. And their store is kind of dirty, too.

Last Saturday, we went in with our voucher(see previous post) and intent to purchase a new crib. 1st off, we wandered around the furniture section for almost 20 minutes, no one helped us. During this time, I only found one crib that was the same price as our voucher, every other crib was at least $80 more. The one I liked was $200 more than our voucher.

Went home and called the store we were just at to actually talk to someone, since no one acknowledged us while we were there. Asked 2 questions

  1. Can we use our voucher to buy a crib at I had found several online that we didn't see in the store. answer-NO

  2. Do you have any catalogs or any other cribs we can order from the store b/c we really didn't see anything we liked. answer-YES

So today, over lunch-Kevin and I go to Babies R Us to look thru their catalogs and hopefully make a crib decision. Surprise, surprise, the lady that was helping us said we could only use the voucher for cribs they had on the floor in their store, no catalogs, no special orders, nada...

So we left, again, empty handed. Kevin's been there twice now, that's a record in itself. I don't think I can't get him to go one more time.

I'm still pouting...lesson to self-if you have something and it's recalled and you really like it, keep it. I'd do almost anything to get that crib hardware back and forget this whole recall ever happened.

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