Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recall Woes

November 2002-Kevin and I purchase a crib for the nursery for Avery. It is a beautiful cherry sleigh crib.

June 25, 2008-Today show announces a recall on cribs by a certain company and we discover that our crib was one of the ones recalled. Bittersweet excitement-I loved this crib, but the last time Kevin took it apart, some of the wood was damaged. He mentioned that he didn't know how he was going to put it together again for pink3. We sign up for the recall.

July 1, 2008-get our UPS package in the mail asking us to sign papers saying we won't put the crib together again, or try to sell it. We have to send back all of the hardware. We send it back via UPS. Info says they'll send us a voucher good for the purchase price that we can use towards a new crib, at Babies R Us.

The website says we should get our voucher for the purchase of a new crib in 1-2 weeks. We wait, patiently, at this point...

July 23-I realize that we should have gotten the voucher by now and search the web for a phone # to call and check on things. Talked to someone in Indiana and found out "Willie" in CA signed saying he recieved our crib hardware. The guy said he would expedite our voucher and we should have it in 3 days max...

August 1-Get Kevin to make the call, after I've made several attempts to figure out why we haven't received our voucher. Kevin calls, talks to "Kim" and says everythings taken care of and we should get the voucher in 3-5 days.

August 8-Kevin emails the CPSC in attempt to get them to help us get this _____(you can fill in the blank) voucher.

August 13-Still nothing... Kevin calls again and speaks to Kim, whom he spoke with earlier, who tells him she'll call him back after she talks with her supervisor. No call back

August 14-Kevin calls and asks for Kim. The guy who answers tells him that Kim no longer works there.

So, the 1-2 week recall has turned into a seven week saga...

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