Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20 Things...

Sally tagged me about "20 things I am right now"

  1. teaching Avery History-she's making a passport to "travel" around the world
  2. content-loving life right now
  3. anxious about the future
  4. looking at Kevin's and my old passports
  5. reminiscing
  6. wondering when Reese will wake up
  7. wondering if Reese will take a nap this afternoon
  8. letting McKenna watch Barney
  9. getting hungry
  10. glad Kevin is coming home for lunch
  11. wishing GP would post some songs from last Sunday on You Tube, it was awesome!
  12. nervous about having to teach this semester
  13. ready to get a paycheck again!
  14. worried about Abby's (our dog) leg/health
  15. don't regret sleeping in this morning, and not working out
  16. need a shower, though
  17. glad for nights like last night
  18. wanting a date night, soon!
  19. feeling very blessed right now, even in the midst of chaos
  20. wrapping up history, getting ready to fix lunch!

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