Thursday, August 7, 2008

Post-traumatic Stress!

Is anyone else tired of paying such high prices for gas? I added up what we spent on gas last month and the amount made me sick to my stomach. Almost $600! We traveled to Colorado, Texas, Sterling and Abilene, Ks. We planned to spend more on gas in July b/c of vacations, etc. But I don't think we anticipated that total, which was 3x our allotted gas budget. It didn't hurt our overall budget, b/c we knew we would spend more on gas, we cut back on other things. Ugh! It still doesn't feel better, though.

Now, I almost dread getting in the van b/c I realize now that it costs money to drive. Before, it didn't bother me near as much. I find myself trying to consolidate errands and just not do some things I normally would have done with question.

What about you? How are you handling the higher gas prices? Has your life changed? Has your budget changed? Don't be shy...

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lorilei61 said...

I made my last tank of gas last two weeks! My husband is now riding his bike to work. He is getting in shape and saving money at the same time!

I'm reading your blog frequently.
Keep up the good work!