Monday, August 18, 2008

LVS Play and Learn

Well, we survived the morning. A few thoughts...

  • If you say it starts at 9am and that their will be signs at the park for LVS parents, honor your word. I got to the park at 9:10 and it was empty. I drove around Andover freaking out for 20 minutes, thinking I was lost. Went back to the park at 9:30 and their were several cars and an LVS sign.
  • No one wore jean skirts
  • Avery and McKenna had a great time, playing by new friends, yet.
  • a good group showed up. I visited w/ one mom who came down from Salina.
  • I don't believe God created sand for playgrounds.
  • Reese had fun swinging.

We had school this afternoon, and now we're all tired.

Sorry if the pix look bad. Kevin took his laptop back to work, and I used Avery's, which doesn't have any picture software on it.

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