Monday, September 8, 2008

Countries and continents

In History, Avery is learning about continents and countries. Today, the focus was on England-continent-Europe. She loved looking at pix of all of the castles and statues. Once she realized that's where Peter Pan was from, she wanted to visit. Someday, I told my head I was thinking Europe at Epcot center at Disneyworld. But, I'm sure the real thing would be just as fun! Coloring the British flag-she also had to color a double decker bus and draw herself in one of the windows.
The finished project, along w/ her Dorothy shoes that I bought yesterday for Halloween. They haven't left her feet since.
TV update-Avery has done remarkable well with the new TV rules and schedule. I keep wanting to tell her how proud I am of her for handling this so well, but I'm afraid to remind her of what she's not watching. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really liking not having the tv on.

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MARLA said...

England is also where Mary Poppins was. I would love to visit there someday also, Avery!