Saturday, September 13, 2008

Save more, spend less

The phrase I keep reading on the frugal blogs I try to follow talk about making sure you save more than you spend. I honestly don't know how they do it for every shopping trip, but today I scored my 1st Walgreens deal. Here's the breakdown-

2 packages of Pampers-9.49 each (I actually had a coupon for this and forgot to use it, ugh....)

2 packages of Always-postpardom essential -B1G1 1/2 (had .50 coupon)

Sunsilk shampoo and Sunsilk anti frizz creme-B1G1 free (had 2 1.50 coupons)

2 Colgate toothepaste -sale was 2 for 2.99(had .75 coupon)

2 packs of trident gum-B1G1 free

Shout-on sale for 2.49

Nature Made Calcium supplements-B1G1 free

12 votive candles (coupon for 6/$1)

2 bags of candy corn-b/c I didn't know if I had spent the minimun required for the other coupon I had ($10 off of $40 purchase before coupons)

Total came to $79.16

had $4.79 in regular coupons

had $23.98 in Walgreens coupons

and $15.74 in Nature Made coupon

after coupons, my total was $34.63. I saved $44.51! I figured out that the diapers and 1 bottle of vitamins alone cost $33.97, so I basically got the rest of the stuff in the picture for less than a dollar. After the Walgreens trip, I headed to Dillons. I spent way more than I saved, so I'll spare you a picture and breakdown. I'm still learning...

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Jean Detrich said...

I remember being a stay-at-home mom and living on one income. Even back then, much of society around me was going a different direction. It seemed like every day I woke up thinking "how can I NOT spend money today?". I'm cheering you on with your "live more simply" goals. You can do it!! You'll end up having more with less.