Thursday, September 25, 2008

The countdown has begun

Yesterday, I did some retail therapy that lifted my mood, a little. We went to Babies R Us, which is my least favorite store, but I needed to get a couple of things there so I sucked it up and went. I got some nursing pjs to wear at the hospital and some other nursing apparel. In the midst of getting ready for Pink3 I realized I couldn't find any baby washclothes, so I got a pack of those, too. For some reason, those pajamas and buying something new made me feel better, don't judge...

Today, we're wrapping up some loose ends. Doing laundry, finishing up some school lessons, last minute cleaning. Kevin defends his proposal tonight. My C-section is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 5pm. And, I can't eat or drink anything after 6am tomorrow morning. I'm not getting up early just to eat, so I plan on having an excellent meal tonight, somewhere. And, Money Saving Mom informed her readers that Cold Stone is giving away free ice cream tonight. I may have to add that to our list of things to do.

Don't know if I'll post again for awhile, check Kevin's blog for name, stats, pix and updates.

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Aunt Marla said...

I also saw the post about cold stone and I would love to go tonight! I can't wait to meet and hold pink3. I also can't wait to know what her name is! Yeah!