Thursday, September 4, 2008

Homeschool High/Low

I haven't posted this since week one. Mainly because we've had so many highs-
  • Avery learning how phonics work, sounds work, and reading simple words
  • McKenna learning about colors and shapes, practicing cutting-all with her left hand
  • Avery learning about art, Australia, and her 5 senses
  • going to the zoo to visit the Australian exhibit
  • reading and acting out Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Tom Thumb, Thumbellina, and The Frog Prince. Making puppets and posters
  • experiencing the joy of learning (and teaching)
  • Having lessons together as a family

Yesterday was our first LOW day. Kevin and I have realized that we let the girls watch too much tv over the summer and we're trying to cut back. Avery is having a really hard time with this. She came unglued yesterday, when I told her we needed to start school. Then, she had another meltdown in the afternoon. So....

No Disney for a week. No Hannah Montana until further notice-hopefully never!

I know she needs downtime. We don't "do" school all day, every day. But I've noticed some patterns in her with regard to what she watches on tv that concern me. She loves to play dress up and doll house. She loves to color and make crafts. She'll be doing those things more often now...


SAL said...

Hey Michelle! Glad to hear of so many highlights! We, too have had TV detox from the summer, and have implemented school rules I thought I'd share. They aren't allowed to watch tv at any time during the day except from 3-5, and only PBS or Discovery channel. They can only watch certain disney shows on the weekends & they know that anything about dating, kissing, crushing, etc is off limits which lately includes HM & one of my personal faves, Suite Life...bummer. I should add that 3-5 is "technology time" which includes ps2, gameboys, computer games etc. and I use this time as incentive/consequences which can be taken away if the school day is not going well. Hope this helps.

Michelle Osborn said...

Thanks, I needed to hear/read that!