Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like ....

Not really, but Kevin mentioned that we needed to start thinking, and purchasing Christmas gifts so we don't end up doing it all the week before Christmas, like usual. We have 21 people in both of our families. For the 11 years that we've been married, we always buy gifts for everyone for b-days and Christmas. Last year, I suggested something different for Christmas and it backfired, bad.

So, I'm curious...How do you do Christmas and the holidays with your families? Do you choose names? Only buy for kids? Buy for everyone? Buy for no one?

Leave a comment and let me know-

  1. What do you do for Christmas? With your immediate family, then with the family at large

  2. What do you wish you did?


Vicki said...

1. We have two daughters so we mostly buy presents for them. My husband and I will buy something small for each other. With our sisters and brothers we've agreed to only buy gifts for each other's kids. This includes birthdays as well. As for our parents, we still buy them something small each year.

If we're getting together as a large family for Christmas then we'll pull names. We'll still buy presents for all kids, but only one (within a certain $ amount) for the name we pulled.

2. What we started doing last year was opening presents on Christmas Eve. We don't do Santa, but on Christmas morning the girls got to look in their stocking. Then we went to the VA Home and visited with the patients there.

We're hoping that the girls will understand the true meaning of Christmas.

I hope it goes better for you this year! And thanks for submitting your post!

Jennifer said...

With imediate family we keep it small and simple most years. Every now and then we splurge. Last year we gathered up and bought Dad an Ipod Touch. Mostly we get small things; books, cds, movies. And that's become our tradition, some form of media.

With everyone else it's just Christmas cards.

The only thing I'd like to change is to get all the family together. I'd love it if every other year or so we'd all get together for have a big party, do secret santa to keep cost low. That would be fantastic!

Btw I found you through BPOTW