Saturday, September 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast Choices

  • cereal

  • coffecake

  • yogurt/granola

  • fruit/oatmeal

  • cinnamon toast


  • sandwiches

  • soup/grilled cheese

  • leftovers

  • taco salad

  • cheese/crackers/summer sausage/veggies


  • spaghetti/bread/salad (I've had this on the menu 3 weeks now. Maybe this week will be the week I actually fix it!)

  • breakfast casserole (I use croutons instead of bread)/fruit salad

  • Turkey breast/stuffing/sweet potatoes/crescent rolls

  • Stuffed Sole/peachy rice/salad

  • homemade pizza

  • leftover buffet

I still have high hopes of making extra meals to freeze for when pink 3 comes. I'm less than 3 weeks away. More like hoping for a miracle at this point. I'm tired. I LOVE planning. I'm just not as good as carrying the plan out.

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