Monday, September 22, 2008

How do you coupon?

Since I've just recently gotten into the coupon scene, I've been wondering how to best organize my coupons. I've been using an accordian coupon holder that my mom bought me for $1 like 5 years ago. I like it b/c it fits into my purse, but it's a little hard to use. It's not very big and it's difficult to find certain coupons at times. I ran across this giveaway and thought it was worth a shot.
How do you organize your coupons? Do you cut them every Sunday? Print them off the web? keep them in your purse? Do you know what a coupon is? Leave a comment and let me know-


Gerri said...

Coupons--First I save the inserts I want from the Sunday paper. They either lay on the floor for a few days on on the kitchen counter. Then I cut them out and put them in an envelope marked "coupons" in my purse. Then I carry them to the store and usually forget to use them. You are inspiring me to be more diligent about this--you and the fact that the price of groceries has really gone up!

MARLA said...

I don't clip coupons from mailers, but I keep the print out coupons I get from Dillons or Target and then stash them in my wallet with a mental note that I need to use them. Usually I only use coupons on items I would buy anyway. I never use one for products I normally wouldn't use. And then when I go shopping I usually forget that I have them and they expire several months before I remember to use them. I hope my system helps you!(lol):)

SAL said...

I used to be so good at using coupons. I would even look at the grocery store adds and compare to coupons I had, and get things for like, 10 cents or FREE! It was most fun when they paid ME to take something! That only works at a double/triple coupon store. (Kroger was my store in Plano.) Now, I just go to Walmart. Stuff is cheaper there all around. I just don't have time anymore to clip, and the cost of a newspaper isn't worth it either. Glad I could help!