Thursday, February 5, 2009

AG has invaded the Osborn abode!

Last year, I remember hearing about the whole American Girl phenomenon for the 1st time. After I saw the prices of those dolls, I quickly realized that my girls would probably never get to have one. Why in the world are these dolls so darn expensive? I remember being 8 when the cabbage patch kid craze was happening. My aunt Marlene bought me one for Christmas that year and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I remember the joy of having one, and the responsibility. This doll wasn't like the barbies I had. Sure, the barbies were special, but they were "everyday" play. My cabbage patch doll was extra special.

Fast forward to this summer. Kit Kittredge came out and I took the girls to see it one afternoon. We had a great time. We all loved the movie and Avery even got the dvd for Christmas. She looks like Ruthie and Kenna resembles Kit. They have fun pretending they're Kit and Ruthie playing together. I had dreams of buying these dolls for my girls. They never asked for them. I don't think they knew AG dolls existed until we went to visit our cousins in TX.

My issue with these dolls was twofold. 1) I didn't want to spend that much money for a doll. That seems a little extravagant to me. 2) If I/we did spend money for a doll, I didn't know if Avery would take care of it. I can't count how many dolls and barbies we have in this house who are naked, missing a limb and left for dead somewhere. Then I remembered my desire for a cabbage patch doll. And how I took care of her after I got her. My kids don't want everything. They've never been to Worlds of Fun or DisneyWorld. Their idea of fun is going to the mall to ride the carousel. They don't have a wii or any video game stuff, although Kevin and I really want one :) If American Girl is our one luxury that we save up for and invest in, I'm ok with that.

Avery got Ruthie for her birthday this week and is loving her new doll.
This morning, I was reading A Chair for My Mother to the girls. Part of the story talks about saving up for something you really want. I asked the girls what they would want to save up for. McKenna said a Kit Kittredge doll. Avery said a pretty chair to sit in, and another American Girl Doll. I guess we'll have to start saving for next Christmas now!

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