Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A study of Cezanne

Today, Avery studied about the life of artist Paul Cezanne. Where he was from (France), what he did (still life paintings), what others thought of him (they didn't like his work). It was a great lesson in determination, doing what you're called to do, no matter what the world says. At the end the lesson, I told Avery to set the scene for a still life painting, she picked out various things from our kitchen/dining room area and arranged them on the counter.this is Avery's still life painting.


Gerri said...

Great job teacher and student! Michelle, didn't you take an art history class in college? Did you study this artist? I'm sure you would remember if you did.

Michelle Osborn said...

No, I took music history and can tell you about any musician. I don't know squat about artists, though.