Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long weekend recap

I had the best birthday weekend ever. We headed up to Abilene on Friday afternoon. Dropped the girls off at my folks' house, then went to Smoky Hill winery for the winemaker's dinner. It was incredible.

Everything was so good. The dinner, 6 courses, took 3 hours. We really liked 4 out of the 6 wines we tasted. I picked up the last bottle of Christmas wine. We want to go back to the winery during the daytime so we can see the vineyards. It was just a good night.

Saturday, we spent the day in Abilene. Had more great food, made a trip to Russell Stovers, watch KU rock and went to bed early.

Sunday, went to church and had lunch with good friends. Avery got to spend some much needed time with her BFF Claire. We came back home in the evening.

Monday, Kevin was home. Yeah! We had a very lazy day and it was great!

Today, Avery has a lesson online with her Education Specialist. It's supposed to be nice, so we'll spend a lot of time outside. Our house needs some TLC, but I can't promise anything. I'm much more motivated to play with my kids than clean right now. Later, I'll post a recipe that I tried to re-create from our soup course Friday night.

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Topher said...

WAY too many forks on that table. That tells me I'd be guaranteed to have at least two messy stains on my shirt by the end of the dinner.

The cake looks good, though.