Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Avery Elizabeth is 6!

At 11:37am (eastern time), Avery turns 6. She was born in Kentucky on a cold morning. I was one week over due, and went into labor in the middle of the night. Abby, the beagle, was very agitated to see us leaving in the middle of the night. On the way to the hospital I told Kevin I needed the epidural, fast. Once we got there and got into a room, they did blood work and said I couldn't get the epi b/c my iron levels were too low. After ALOT of pain and pleading with the dr. to get one, I finally got the epidural around 10:30am. I started pushing right after that and she was born. The doctor who delivered her quoted Ps. 140 as she was coming out. The hospital didn't have any hot water, so she didn't get cleaned up for several hours. It was just me and Kevin. All of our relatives were in Kansas. We had several friends visit us in the hospital. Kevin slept on a broken couch for 2 days. We came home to a house decorated in pink streamers and our lives have never been the same! There is still pink everywhere in our home, and we love it that way.
Avery loves art, barbies and sugar! We did breakfast at Panera, we'll swim at the Y this afternoon and tonight, dine at Carlos O Kellys. She is excelling in school. She's learning to read, write, add, subtract. She likes American Girl and all things pink and purple. She loves Jesus and her younger sisters. Happy Birthday, Avery. Your Daddy and I prayed for you for so long. We praise God for you. May He continue to shower His blessings on you. We love you! Enjoy being 6!


Marla said...

I remember that day also. It was a cold day here in KS too and mom and dad and I just couldn't wait to see Avery. I worked at the church in Newton at that time, and we went and ate lunch at Pizza Hut. We didn't know then that that would be one of her favorite places to eat also! I'm so glad you were born, Avery. I love you!

Brenda said...


Hi, Michelle....today is also MY baby's bday. JB is 28 today. Hope you all have a great time...we are having lasagna for JB's supper. Wanted to take him out to eat...but he wanted lasagna instead.
I sure enjoy reading your blogs!!