Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heart Thoughts

Since Valentines Day is coming, I thought I would reflect of some of the things, and people I love the most. Today, I'll focus on the frivolous things in my life...

  • Coke-real coke. I drink diet, b/c I should, but I don't like it near as much as the real thing. I believe their will be coca cola in heaven.

  • Blistex-My lips are addicted to this stuff. I've tried other brands, but this works the best. I've used it since high school.

  • LOST-Kevin and I got hooked on this a few years ago. Every week, I'm more confused and intrigued.

  • Candles-I love how they smell, how they add light and romance and warmth to a room

  • Homemade Chex mix-I've said this before. I'm already wondering when I can make it again. Is there a rule you can only make it around Christmas or when you go on vacation?

  • the ellipticals at the Y-I actually really like working out. I like to sweat and feel I've accomplished something. I hate running. My knees are bad and my ankles crack all of the time. But I love the elliptical at the Y. Weight Loss-Level 8, 45 minutes.

  • my minivan-never thought I'd say it, but I love having one. It's paid for, and it holds all of my family, stroller, and groceries.

  • Toby Mac-he rocks. It's his music I love. He's coming to Wichita at the end of the month and I'm so excited. I love his music. I secretly wish I could sing back-up for him someday.

  • my "new" bedroom. I wrote about it here. We've managed to keep it clean so far.

  • a jacuzzi tub-at least I think I would love it, if I had one.

ok-it's your turn. What things do you love? Leave a comment and let me know!


marla said...

Do you really love these things? I thought we were just suppose to love God and people. But yes, I would almost say that I love diet coke and chex mix. And chocolate! And your blog, of course!

marla said...

Oh I just thought of another...Burt's Bees chapstick! I found this stuff in college @ Beauty First and you used to only be able to buy it there, Cracker Barrell, and Restoration Hardware. Now you can buy it at Target and Dillons. Yeah! I've used it for 8 yrs now and I don't think I can live without it. You and I are loyal to our lip products, huh?

Gerri said...

Well--since Marla is the favored child--I have to go with the Burt's Bees or as McKenna says "Grandma can I use your Apple's Bees"?". I'm sure I love many frivolous(sp)things--this needs spell check, but I can't really think of any now. I've even cut back on my Diet Coke. Maybe if I knew what your categories were for the rest of the week I could decide.

Michelle Osborn said...

Mom-you LOVE Monk and Psyche. You (used to)love that stuff for your nails. You love your i-phone. You love QT drinks...just to name a few :)
Marla-alright, enough with the righteous talk-God and people are for later in the week! I'm saving the best for last-

Gerri said...

I know I like all that stuff--but I didn't know if TV shows and movies were going to be a category all by themselves. Yes I did love my nails--did you ever really realize I gave those up while you were pregnant with Avery so I could use the money I spent on those on Avery? That and I didn't want to risk a fungus or anything, although I never had one in all the years I had my nails done. Or did you mean OPI's Nail Envy? Yes I do love it. I do love my iPhone, but thought maybe technology would be a category. QT drinks do rock. The closest one to Abilene is in Park City and that is a bummer. Their stock is also not public (unless it has done so recently)--it is entirely employee owned. I also love clean sheets, clean showers, clean floors, clean, clean, clean--why don't I have that most of the time? Because I'm sitting here. Got to get to it. Back to Monk and Psyche, I have also added The Mentalist, NCIS and Burn Notice.