Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to school

I have a renewed sense of energy and purpose for homeschooling this week. I really needed a spring break. This week Avery is working on the following in school-
  • In Math, she is subtracting with numbers 3-8, reviewing money and addition.
  • In Phonics, reviewing digraphs and trigraphs, reading In the Shed, Jig and Nip, and some of her favorites.
  • In Language Arts, reading various poems and the Velveteen Rabbit
  • In History, studying George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
  • In Science, learning about the seasons, specifically spring
  • In Art, learning about dimension using clay
In our bible time, we're going to learn and memorize the Lord's Prayer. This morning, I found out the girls already know most of it. I would like them to learn a contemporary version, though. We're also reading stories about Jesus, the childhood years(there's only one) and leading up to his death.
McKenna will join us for the most part. She will continue to practice writing her name. She will also learn about the letter B. And do various worksheets, as time allows.

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