Sunday, March 1, 2009

End of the weekend thoughts

Another weekend, come and gone. Another busy week ahead. Another month is starting.
  • Spent Friday night looking for a highchair. Didn't find one. Any suggestions?
  • Kevin and I were supposed to go to Winter Jam, but his mom got sick and couldn't watch the girls, so we stayed home. I was so bummed about not seeing Toby Mac. He was supposed to do a concert here in Wichita last year. I bought tix as soon as they were available. Then the show got canceled. Bummer.
  • Made waffles last night. I tried a new recipe that called for separating the eggs and beating the whites, then folding them back into the batter. The waffles were so good.
  • Watched Tropic Thunder after the waffles. Dumb movie. I mean, seriously. STUPID.
  • Went to church this morning, as usual. Church, however, was nothing usual. We normally have 2 services and, today, combined for one. The best worship set I've ever heard. More thoughts to come later...
  • Trying to save money and do the coupon thing is frustrating at times. I get irritated when I read/hear of deals at Dillons, then go there and the deal is gone, sold out, etc...I signed up for the grocery game last week. Hopefully, this will aid in my attempt to decrease our spending in this area. Today, I went to Dillons armed with coupons that would allow me to get 4 free toothbrushes and 10 packs of gum. Guess what? They were already sold out of both items. So, I'm not the only couponer in W. Wichita. They did give me a raincheck, though. I'm still pouting.
  • We did some school over the weekend b/c Avery and McKenna are going to Abilene for a couple of days this week. I have big plans for cleaning this house. And Sleeping!
  • Tomorrow, we're going on a field trip. A friend from college is Mr. Slim Goodbody (I think that's the name, or something like that) and he's doing a show at the Orpheum in the morning. We're meeting other friends there for the show and lunch afterwards. Should be a fun day.
  • One of the many perks of homeschooling is getting good deals. LVS sent us info about some GREAT rates at Great Wolf Lodge for homeschool families. We're going there next week for a couple of days. I'm so excited!
That's all for tonight. 2 girls asleep. One screaming for my attention. Better go.

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The Troops said...

On the high chair - I ordered one from IKEA that my nephew's wife bought (after having the beautiful Eddie Bauer piece of furniture high chair with their first child). She loves it! Says it only takes one Lysol wipe to clean the whole thing. It is light weight for easy moving around the house. So far her 9 month old cannot pull it over when crawling on the floor but even if he did -it is light enough not to do any injury other than startle. And it is $25! Ok, $46 with shipping and handling. It is on backorder at the moment but I am using the Bumbo seat with the tray until the high chair comes in. Here are the links (chair and tray) and