Sunday, March 8, 2009

Break-up and First Date

This week has been long, and I'm glad it's over. If you read my husband's blog, you know that the church we attend basically left to form a new church. This has been devastating to many people. This has deeply impacted our family. There's blame on both sides. I/we thought things could/should have been handled way better than they were. Hindsight is always 20/20, I guess. I'm disappointed in the whole situation. Both sides. So, Kevin and I decided it was time for a break from any church labeled Gracepoint. As we came to this decision, I thought of how this is much like an actual breakup-
  • People come from out of the woodwork to tell you how bad your "ex" is/was
  • You find out lots of things that happened prior to the breakup that affirm your decision to make the break
  • Friends of your ex wonder if you'll still hang out with them
  • People wonder if they should break up, too
Today, we had a first date-with a new (to us) church.
  • It feels a little like cheating, you're wondering what your ex is doing and if they're having more fun than you
  • It feels different, but in a good way
  • wondered is it was ok to have our Wesley study bible with us-this wasn't a Methodist church
  • We're hesitant to make a commitment, just coming out of a 2 year relationship
  • We're not ready to go all the way i.e. put the baby in the nursery, etc...
And so the search begins...


Gil said...

We will certainly miss your family, but I can understand your feelings. I think Kevin's blog has been a really interesting one to read about this whole situation, and it is obvious to me that this would be far more difficult for the GP people with a Methodist background than it would for those of us who are newcomers to Christ.

I sincerely hope that your search leads you to a church where you feel comfortable - even if that place eventually ends up being either one of the churches named GracePoint. God bless you.

Marla Beagley said...

Great analogies, Michelle. In response to Gil's comment...

As someone who has left GP prior to the recent split, I don't believe the deep roots of Methodism are the real reason for anyone choosing to not continue attending the new GP Comm. Ch. It sure wasn't the reason I left GP, Methodist or not.
Yes, there are two sides to every story and what has been done in the dark will be brought to light--on both sides. Jesus is Lord and is still on the throne!

Gerri said...

OK--I have to say both of my daughters are so much wiser and better at words than I am. Marla, you really should get a blog. As the mother, I have hurt for both of you (and I'm sure I've added to those hurts by voicing my own hurts and frustrations and know your hurts are different. I am so sorry you both have experienced those hurts and I am so thankful for both of your insights and the depth of your spiritual walks.

Kati's Mom said...


I work at Chapel Hill on the East side and Gracepoint has been the talk of the town, so to speak, for a few weeks now. I am so sorry your family got caught up in the drama. I know from experience that that kind of break up is hard on families, particularly homeschooled ones. Church is central to so many homeschool families. I hope you find what you need!

Kristen Rowley