Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sleeping with Wolves

Lots of dead, stuffed wolves. I don't think Ashley Judd would approve. Oh, well. We had a blast on the quickest vaca ever. We left our home at 7:30am. We left Wichita at 8-fyi...Dillons does not sell dramimine. We had to cross the street and go to Walgreens for that. 2 girls in the back of the van NOT complaining of tummy aches the whole way to KC was worth it.
We spent some time at Cabelas. The girls loved the fish.

No pix to show, but after Cabelas, we ate lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. A little overpriced, in my opinion, but the atmosphere was fun on a cold winter day.

We checked into our hotel around 1pm. Hit the pool soon after and swam until supper time. We ate at the hotel restaurant, which was very good. After supper the girls slipped into their PJ's and headed to the big clock tower for story time. Here is McKenna saying goodnight to Wiley the wolf.

The older girls slept great. Presley, on the other hand, not so much. She slept from 2-4:30am, just b/c Kevin put her in her car seat and swung it back and forth. At home, she has been getting into the habit of waking up around 4:30am. Not hungry, just wants to be held. Ugh....We don't know what to do about it-other than hope the other one wakes up and takes care of her. Yes, honey, I'm onto your little trick :)
The hotel had starbucks coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts, which we had for breakfast. We packed up, checked out and swam 'til around 1pm. Got showered, dressed, then headed back home. Made a couple stops, Sonic for the girls, Chipotle for us. It was a great 2 days. We're exhausted. Kevin and I decided we "needed" to stay 2 days so we could actually rest and not swim the whole, entire time. I'm glad we went during the off season, I'd hate to be there during peak times. Thanks, LVS for the great homeschool rate. Hopefully we'll make this an annual trip. Be sure to check Kevin's blog for his review and more pix. Be patient, though, he's working on his dissertation today. And, after watching KU lose, looks like he'll have more time to work on it.


Topher said...

Looks like fun! We've driven by there millions of times but never gone. Next time you're up and have more time we'll have you over for dinner.

marla said...

Next time, Phil, Reese, and I will join you and we could have a reunion with Chris and his family, as well. It looks like so much fun! I'm glad you got to go.