Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughtfull Thursday

Today is already full of changes in our schedule. I don't always handle change well. Especially when I don't initiate it.
  • Presley was supposed to have her 6m checkup and shots today. The dr. is sick so it's rescheduled for Monday.
  • My uncle is having heart surgery today. He was supposed to have this surgery several months ago. But he formed a blood clot and had to heal from that first. If you will, please pray for Bob Keating. That the surgery would go well and that healing would take place. My parents came down to be with him, so we'll make a trip up to the hospital as well, I assume.
  • I received Avery's progress report yesterday for the 2nd trimester. One advantage of homeschooling is that she can work on her own pace. For instance, she is 82% done with Math and 63% done with History. The other subjects are somewhere in between those 2. She has done an excellent job this year.
  • What's up with this weather forecast? A winter storm? You've got to be kidding-my daffodils just started blooming....
  • started reading Twilight last night. I'm a little behind, I know. We watched the movie on Monday and I have questions that need answered. I did this with Wicked, too.
  • We ran out of paper towels yesterday and I'm wondering how long we can manage. I don't like making trips to the store for just one item. Mainly b/c I never only buy just one item.
  • I wrote my first letter of recommendation last night. A former voice student of mine is applying to grad school and asked me to write one. I feel special.
  • our car has been in the shop twice in the last week. Both with big price tags.
  • we're in the process of refinancing our home. It will cut 8 years of payments off. That's sweet. But we'll have to pay some out of pocket now. Can we ever make it one month where everything is in accordance with the budget? I didn't think so...
  • Avery's front tooth is literally hanging by a thread. I told her she couldn't eat breakfast until it was gone. I'm afraid she'll swallow it, it's THAT loose.
  • McKenna made another classic remark last night. Kevin told her he was going to feed Presley (cereal) while I fixed supper. She responded by saying, "but Dad, how can you, you're not a mommy."

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