Monday, March 16, 2009

Misc. Pix Monday

2 MPM's in one day-Menu Plan Monday and Miscellaneous Picture Monday. Here are some pix I've taken in the last few weeks that are just now making it out of the camera. My parents were staying with us last week and my dad (the pastor and non wine drinker) found a new use for our wine rack. Here is Presley in the bathtub, aka kitchen sink. She loves bath time. Presley also found her feet last week and loves playing with them. She pulls her socks off and just laughs. I don't know what Abby is doing... Here is Avery, McKenna and their friend, Grace at Slim Goodbody a few weeks ago. A friend from college is Slim. Below is Slim Goodbody and us, Avery is hiding behind me. Kevin's mom's birthday was yesterday. I found a cake like this in a magazine 6 weeks ago and planned to make it for her birthday. After 3 trips to the store and a trip to a fancy cake shop, here it is... The girls had so much fun making this. Boxed strawberry cake. Homemade frosting. We rolled out spiced drops and used a flower cookie cutter to make the flowers. Then piped frosting in the middle to act as a glue for the skittles center. The grass is green coconut. We(I) piped green frosting for the flower stems.

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