Friday, March 13, 2009

Churches of my past

Lately, I've been thinking of the churches I've attended in the past. There's been a lot. The churches that have shaped me into the disciple I am today.
  1. Benton UMC-1980-the first church I remember going to. I accepted Christ at a family camp sponsored by this church. A "little old lady" told my parents she thought I could sing at this church. I sang LOTS of songs in this church. My sister leads worship there now. Benton will always hold a special place in my heart.
  2. Wilmore UMC-1986-our family attended here when my dad was in Seminary. I went through confirmation at this church. And, I continued to sing. "People Need the Lord" by Steve Green was my first solo at this church. Wow, that dates me...
  3. Rolla UMC-1988-my dad's first pastoral appointment. I sang here, too, in case you're wondering...lots of Sandi Patti, Twila Paris and Amy Grant.
  4. Plymouth Congregational Church-1994-this was more of a job than anything else. I got paid to sing in the choir and do a solo every so often. It paid enough to make my car payment each month-1990 Buick Grandsport-Made some great friends here. Also challenged my theology a bit. To say the least-
  5. Eastminster Presbyterian-1996-Another church job. My choir director from Plymouth took a position at Eastminster and I was able to follow him. Loved this church. Got involved. Kevin and I attended Crown here. We went to our first marriage conference here. I was able to lead a children's choir here. We made many dear friends at this church. However, it was here that I realized I am not a Calvinist.
  6. Centenary UMC-1998-we went here after Kevin and I moved to KY. We were hit and miss here. We liked singing, but never really got involved. Heard "Shout to the Lord" for the first time here.
  7. Andover UMC-1999-Kevin and I got plugged in to this church plant and later, spent 2 years leading worship here. We had our first real small group experience here. Made some lifelong friends here.
  8. Southland Christian Church-2002-After a painful split from Andover, we went to Southland. We were dealing with infertility issues at the time and it was becoming extremely hard to serve in the midst of our own private pain. We were able to be anonymous at Southland, and we're able to heal in this church.
  9. Emmanuel UMC-2004-Back in KS. I served as the Worship Arts Pastor here. Made some great friends and had our kids baptized in this church. Loved my job, most of the time.
  10. Gracepoint UMC-2007-we had a history with this church, even before moving to Wichita. When we moved here, this seemed like the logical place to attend. Met some great friends through a life group here. Our girls have been taught, nurtured and loved here.
  11. What's next? Only God knows, because I sure don't...


marla said...

You've got quite the church history in your past. I think you've probably seen so much that you should start your own church. Or at least get paid being a church consultant!

Michelle Osborn said...

Actually, I would enjoy that job. I don't think most churches would want to hear what I have to say, though-