Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yellow and Blue make green!

ok...so...I'm done with St. Patrick's day. I'm exhausted. We had a great day. Most of our "learning" was this morning. We hit the park after lunch, with all of W. Wichita. Is there a book, or blog, about playground etiquette? If so, no one has read it. I'm always amazed at how bad kids act. Not my kids, of course. They were fine. I think I was the only mom paying attention. Oh, well-another post for another day. This morning we melted yellow and blue crayons in the oven. We let them cool, then cut them into shamrocks. We made green smoothies. They were good, really. The girls liked them, too. For supper, we had green eggs and ham, orange rolls w/ green icing, and apples (not pictured) As if I didn't have enough planned, I decided today to put Presley on a 4 hour schedule, instead of 3. She did really well today. I'm praying she makes it through the night.

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Kristen's Raw said...

Awww! Those pics are cute. :) And, yay for green smoothies!!!