Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Old Kentucky Home

I miss Kentucky. I miss Kentucky in the spring. It's beautiful there during any season, but now is when I miss seeing the trees and flowers blooming in the bluegrass. We left KY in 2004 to move back to the land of OZ (or Ahhhs) Kevin and I reconnected with some friends via facebook yesterday and, now, I'm longing for my (not so) old Kentucky home.
  • I miss our friends the most, of course. Friends from seminary, church, UK, work
  • I miss the salty ham at shakertown-and the celery tomato soup and the salsafee casserole. And the people that make us "kindly welcome"
  • I miss fans going crazy over UK basketball. KU fans are no where near as passionate as UK fans are
  • I miss Bella Notte-everything about it
  • I miss shopping. I shopped a lot more when we lived in KY. I miss NY&C at Fayette Mall the most
  • I miss our first home-it would be way too small for our family now, but I miss it, none the less. We had some great memories in that house.
  • I miss being just a couple. Does that sound bad? I don't mean for it to. The first 4 years in KY, we we're just a married couple, not yet parents. I miss those times being husband and wife. Seems like another life ago...
  • I miss sight seeing and weekend excersions-natural bridge, the Gap outlet, Bardstown, Cumberland gap, High bridge, Gatlinburg, the Horse Park
Now, I'm bummed. I don't know when we'll get back to Kentucky. Soon, I hope. ok-your turn. What (or who) are you missing today?


Marla said...

I, too, miss KY. I really liked all of the history that was there, no matter where you went. The rolling hills, white fences, horses, civil war battlefields,and yes, Shakertown. It's too bad that they stooped so low to have Ashley Judd endorse them! Remember that Outback Red store they had in Lexington when we were kids? I liked shopping there, but I don't think they have them anymore.

SaraB said...

I don't know why especially today, but I miss my mom.

Kati's Mom said...

I understand how you feel. When my family moved here from Maine we all had those few little things that would have made us feel so much more at home. Now though I wouldn't go back. Kansas will become home for you. Just give it a while!