Monday, March 9, 2009

Kansas City, here we come!

Like I said last week, we're heading to KC for a little R & R. We got a great rate at the Great Wolf Lodge. We'll leave first thing in the morning, make a quick stop at Cabela's and hit the water park. I'll be surprised if the girls don't ask to wear their swimsuits as soon as they wake up. McKenna wore hers all afternoon today. Needless to say, they are quite excited. I had thoughts of leaving Presley with Grandma, but decided this was a family trip and she needed to be with us. She LOVED getting in the water when we swam at the YMCA with her last month. I'm excited to see how she does.
We spent today trying to cram 3 days of school into one, doing laundry, packing and getting caught up on LOST.
I'll post pix and a recap sometime Thursday. Unless Kevin beats me to it...

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